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New Years Resolutions

It begins to look a lot like Christmas earlier every year.

New Years resolutions are often made under the shadow of far too much food and drink. We wouldn't make major decisions affecting our businesses in that way. So this year I am being well ahead of the game and have already planned my resolutions.

Here goes -

1.      Ensure that my power point slides are prepared well ahead of any deadline or at least more than 5 mins ahead,

2.      Reduce my coffee intake to no more than 5 before 9.00am.

3.      Get to the third paragraph of anything I write, without mentioning Everton,

4.      Avoid the ‘chocolates for the kids’ boxes when working at home,

5.      Dedicate at least 5 minutes a day to not checking my social media,

6.      Refuse to react to everything tweeted by Donald Trump,

7.      Be nice to a Tory on least one occasion,

8.      Stop watching Strictly, the Apprentice and Pointless and use the time saved to read SRA Consultations,

9.      Buy a fitness and weight loss DVD and watch it,


10.  Telling an ‘accident in the last 3 years’ cold caller that there are pixies in my garden and I am so glad they have called me to chat about them for half an hour,