For Lawyers

Project Management

I have many years experience in managing a medium sized solicitors firm.

During my time at EAD I was closely involved in three mergers/take overs. 

I also steered EAD to its ABS Licence in 2013.

Since starting this Consultancy I have succesfully helped a major Claims Management Company to secure an ABS licence enabling it to set up its own legal practice.

I am working on two other start up projects and am also helping a high profile local solcitor to plan his retirement from the profession. 

I am happy to work alongside firms who are pursuing or considering such a project or just to be an outside voice in relation to decision making. 

I can also assist lawyers and non lawyers looking to start up their own practice.



Practice Management

One of the mandatory principles of the SRA code of conduct 2011 is that you must –run your business or carry out your role in the business effectively and in accordance with proper governance and sound financial and risk management principles. In other words all law firms have to be managed as businesses.

So you not only have to have technical legal skills, you also now have to run a sound business. Many medium to large firms now employ a team of managers to look after – Finance, HR, IT, Communications, Risk, Marketing etc. For smaller enterprises the cost of this this can be prohibitive.

I have been a partner for over 20 years and in a senior management role for almost 10 years. I am happy to take on many of these management tasks so that the lawyers are freed up to spend more time looking after their clients and earning fees. I will meet senior managers to develop a management strategy to improve efficiency and profitability.


I have a particular interest in social media marketing and can provide advice and training or, if required, manage your firms social media output.

Risk and Compliance

I was the Compliance Officer at EAD Solicitors for many years continue in this role on a consultancy basis.

I have held the following positions - COLP/HOLP, Data Protection Officer, Senior Responsible officer for the Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme.

These are all onerous and time consuming tasks. The role of COLP cannot be outsourced. But I can assist with much of the work, effectively as an assistant to the nominated person. I have recently advised a firm on the compliance side of a 'referral' agreement.


 I offer training in relation to these roles.