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Project Management


Between 1st April and 31st July 2018 I am offering a free one hour meeting with firms and individuals to discuss strategies, plans or concerns for the year ahead. This can take place at your office at a time to suit you. Please contact me to discuss further.

I have many years experience in managing a medium sized solicitors firm.

During my time at EAD Solicitors I was closely involved in three mergers/take overs. 

I also steered EAD to its ABS Licence in 2013.

Since starting this Consultancy I have succesfully helped a major Claims Management Company to secure an ABS licence enabling it to set up its own legal practice.

I am working on two other start up projects and am also helping a high profile local solicitor to plan his retirement from the profession. 

I am happy to work alongside firms who are pursuing or considering such a project or just to be an outside voice in relation to decision making. 

I can also assist lawyers and non lawyers looking to start up their own practice. I can assist with the entire process including the preparation of business plans, obtaining indemnity insurance and dealing with the SRA. I worked in the Personal Injury/Clinical Negligence sector for many years and and am happy to discuss re-structuring of departments/firms in the face of forthcoming changes. 



Practice Management

One of the mandatory principles of the SRA code of conduct 2011 is that you must –run your business or carry out your role in the business effectively and in accordance with proper governance and sound financial and risk management principles. In other words all law firms have to be managed as businesses.

So you not only have to have technical legal skills, you also now have to run a sound business. Many medium to large firms now employ a team of managers to look after – Finance, HR, IT, Communications, Risk, Marketing etc. For smaller enterprises the cost of this this can be prohibitive.

I have been a partner for over 20 years and in a senior management role for almost 10 years. I am happy to take on many of these management tasks so that the lawyers are freed up to spend more time looking after their clients and earning fees. I will meet senior managers to develop a management strategy to improve efficiency and profitability.



Risk and Compliance


I am the Compliance Officer at two practices on a consultancy basis.

I am a member of Liverpool Law Society's Regulatory Committee.

I have held the following positions - 


Data Protection Officer, 

These are all onerous and time-consuming tasks. I can assist with much of the work, effectively as an assistant to the nominated person. 

I offer training in relation to these roles and am currently running 1/2 day courses on GDPR which comes into effect at the end of May 2018.





Complaints Handling

I spent many years as the Complaints Handling Partner. This included everything from routine concerns about missed calls to complex billing disputes. I know from experience that this can be a drawn out and time consuming process. 

I offer an outsourced complaints handling service. This enables firms to offload the burden of investigation and response while they focus on earning fees.

I am also familiar ith dealing with the Legal Ombudsman and SRA.

I will handle complaints on a case by case basis or am happy to agree an annual retainer for outsourcing all compliants.

I can also help firms to draft an internal complaints' procedure.

In many cases complaints can be avoided by early discussion and resolution of concerns. This is particularly the case as we approach increased publication of complaints data. I am happy to meet with firms and to offer training and assistance in the avoidance of complaints.

Social Media

I have a longstanding interest in Social Media. I currently manage the Social Media Accounts for several businesses. In some cases I have set up accounts from scratch and managed all platforms from the start. In others I have managed updates and regular posting of news.

This includes the regular updating of Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin Accounts. I also have knowledge of Instagram and Pinterest. I have written a blog since 2012, which has had over 200,000 reads. I offer regular training on Social Media and Blogging for lawyers.

I soke on this subject at the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) Annual Conference in April 2018 and am presenting a Webinar on 2nd July 2018. I can manage your Social Media acounts and/discuss a social media marketing campaign. 


I am a Trustee of and support the work of the North West Legal Support Trust (NWLST). 

The trust raises funds for and makes grants to agencies across the North West of England who provide free legal advice and support to those in need. Following progressive cut backs in legal aid funding there is a real need for increased access to such legal help. 

The Trust's principal fund raising activities are the legal walks in Liverpool, Manchester, Preston and Carlisle. I am very involved in the organisation of the Liverpool Walks. Other activities are set out on the NWLST website at  -

This year's walk is scheduled for Tuesday 9th October 2018 - details to follow. 

As part of my support for the Trust I have set myself a 1000 Wildlife Photos for Justice Challenge. My plan is to post 1000 of my own wildlife photos in 2018. I am currently at 200! The idea is to promote the diversity of nature and also to raise funds by sponsorship. I will be posting details of the Just Giving Page as the challenge progresses.  I wrote a blog last year which has recently been updated. This explains things in more detail -

The blog also showcases some of the pictures posted to date. The whole collection can be viewed at

I would encourage lawyers to read about the work of the trust and to sign up for the walk! 







I am now working in association with award winning McIver Scott Recruitment. I have worked in the legal profession in Liverpool for over 35 years and have developed an in-depth knowledge of the needs of both lawyers and firms. Since starting this consultancy I have often been contacted by lawyers looking for a move and by firms looking to recruit. I have known David Wafer of McIver Scott for years and have nothing but admiration for his work. with this combinations of skills and experience we can offer a unique service across the legal profession. Feel free to contact me at any time for an informal chat.